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Building Confident, Resilient and Happy Kids

What is life coaching for kids?

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”


Life Coaching is about supporting our kids in living their best life. A life coach helps kids develop the skills, confidence and an ability to thrive in life. Many kids struggle with studies at school, teachers and parents expectations, friendships and social skills and relationships with their peers and/ or siblings.

Kids Mind Skills gives them the chance to learn the skills they need to navigate the twists and turns of life and the self awareness to recognise when they need to listen to themselves and take a pause.

What's happening to our kids?

The facts speak for themselves and are really scary:-

 30% of tweens (10-12 year olds) experience headaches and difficulty sleeping as a result of stress. 

 25% of children age 13-18 experience anxiety disorders and 10% are diagnosed with depression before the age of 18.

The good news is that with ‘early support’ from someone like a life coach for kids, children can learn how to manage their emotions and feelings and learn how to bounce back from disappointments and learn how to overcome the challenges they will face as they go through their lives.

How can we help our kids ?

Kids Mind Skills helps to transform how children think about themselves and what is possible for their lives. Teaching them how their mind works and how they can tap into it, making it work FOR them and not AGAINST them. Developing kids’ self awareness, resilience and kindness.

Teaching kids to use the power of their mind and the power of their thoughts to:

Go for their dreams and make them happy!

Handle the ups and downs of growing up

Create happiness and success regardless of their circumstances

Think for themselves and make good decisions

Be happy with who you are !

Teaching our kids to be happy with themselves – that we are all unique and have different strengths – understanding this about themselves allows them to tap into their strengths when things get tough.  We are not looking to create ‘perfect’ individuals, but instead powerful, strong, happy individuals who know themselves and are happy with who they are.  Kids coaching is essentially personal development – allowing every child the chance to develop the key life skills to sustain their growth and well-being.  It is what I definitely wish I had been taught in school or at an early age as it would have given me a toolkit to cope with life.

Being aware that small problems when left to fester, can create bigger uglier problems is key for taking that leap to getting support.  Addressing issues as soon as possible, before they’ve become deep rooted or suppressed is critical for optimal results.

Making the investment now and laying good foundations in personal development is key to preventing problems escalating and gives our children the best gift you could ever give them the tools and skills for having the best quality life they could dream of.

Seeking Help

When you as a parent seek help do not think that you have failed as a parent.  It is the absolute opposite!  The fact that you are able to recognise that your child needs some additional help and is struggling is a positive sign that you are consciously aware of their needs.  We all have limitations and to seek support is a sign of strength not weakness.  It is always a very positive example to set our children – that we are not all able to fix everything ourselves and it is okay to ask for help.

It can be so hard as a parent to watch your child struggle – all we want as parents is for our children to be healthy, happy and confident.  We want them to believe in themselves and feel able to take on whatever life throws at them and learn from it and thrive.  Sadly, despite being loved and supported, life for some kids is more complicated and they struggle to feel happy; lacking motivation to rise to challenges and suffering from crippling low confidence and self esteem.

As parents we can try to advise, motivate and support but sometimes kids are not able to hear it directly from us.

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